We scoop poop so you don't have to!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any contracts to sign?

No. We can start or stop your service over the phone. When you request service, you are agreeing to pay for the service, & we, Scoopin’ Doody, are agreeing to provide the service.  You will be asked to confirm the service request via a text message.  A reply back is required in order for service to start. (If you don’t text, we will get confirmation in another form.)   You may cancel service at any time. You will be responsible for any balance due for service received prior to cancellation.

  • Can the dogs be in the yard during service?

Yes, in most cases we service the yards with the dog(s) present. We share your love for animals & look forward to knowing them. The dogs that will not let us into the yard, or even questionable, will need to be confined while your property is being serviced. With your permission, those pups outside will receive a doggy treat upon our departure.

  • I keep my gate locked.

Some pet owners choose to leave the gates unlocked on the day of our visit and others provide us with a key or the combination number.  You can choose how you would like to proceed.  Your safety is important to us as well.

  • Decks

If there is any waste on your decks that are above eye level, please let us know.  If the deck is at eye level we can usually see it but any higher decks, we won’t go looking & will need to be asked to do so.

You may send a text to 406-671-7123. We will not clean decks when the steps are covered in snow/ice. As soon as the steps are cleared & safe to ascend, we clean up the waste.

  • Will Scoopin’ Doody service the yard if its raining or snowing?

We will work in the rain & snow, as long as it’s feasible…not in a down-pour, lightning, extreme wind conditions, current/recent heavy snow fall, or freezing weather/wind chill. In the seasons of Spring, Summer & Fall, when service is postponed due to weather we will endeavor to clean your yard within the next two days.

  • Can I ask for a specific day of the week or specific hour to have the yard serviced?

More than likely not, but you may ask in case we can find a way to make it beneficial for the both of us. The route must be set up by districts & for the shortest distance between stops in order to be the most cost effective. The hour of service will be altered often, as new clients are added to the route. We cannot be there BEFORE a lawn company, just as they can’t alter their route to be there AFTER Scoopin’ Doody. (Exception of the rule is if Scoopin’ Doody could get a minimum of 6 of their clients, sequentially, on that days route.)

  • What about holidays?

Scoopin’ Doody does not work on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, & Christmas. If your service falls on one of those days, we will endeavor to clean your yard directly before or after the holiday…with the exception that of… There will be no service performed from Christmas Eve Day – January 4.  Service will resume as allowed, by Mother Nature, after Jan.4. This time off is to allow the us to spend some quality time with our families from other states, over the holiday season.

  • Can I take a break in service due to vacation etc.?

If the dog is away from the yard for a majority of the time between services & you call us in time to avoid the expense of stopping by, there will be no charge for that time period. If there is an excess of accumulation due to a late call to resume service, you will be charged accordingly.

  • How do I Pay?

ONE TIME SERVICE:  You will receive an invoice in the mail after the service has been completed.  Payment in form of a check is expected within one week…or you may call us to pay with a credit/debit card.     (We have on a few occasions,  been required to split the one time service into a few days of cleaning due to an excessive  amount of waste, our schedule, or weather condition, like the fence line poop still being snowed/iced in.)

REGULAR SERVICE:  You will be invoiced & will be required to set up an Automatic Bill Payment by the end of your second month of service.  You will be invoiced an additional $10 late fee for all delinquent payments over 15 days.  The exception of the AUTOMATIC BILL PAYMENT  rule is if your first two months of payments were received directly after being invoiced…(& you continue to do so.)

  • Do you take credit cards?

Yes. Payment if the form of check is preferred but we will except credit/debit cards for an additional 5% finance fee.

  • How do you determine how much to charge me?

We determine how much it will cost us to service your yard based on the frequency you choose.  Then we factor in times like winter months when we might not be able to get into your yard.  Based on this number, we determine your monthly rate based on all factors.  You will be charged an equal amount for all months regardless of the number of visits, or weather.

  • Why do I have to pay for a week of service if it is missed due to weather? 

The poop is still there & it will require the additional time to clear the waste once we are able.  EVERYTHING ABOUT WINTER SERVICE, COSTS MORE, TAKES LONGER & FEWER DAYLIGHT hours to get it done in.  We often, after a storm or cold weather has postponed service, are required to just start the week of service on one end of town & work our way to the other end of town, through-out the week. (Next delay, we will start on the opposite end.)  So, here too, in the winter, your day of service may vary.

You may have the option of paying for your received service, by the hour.  To be fair on both of us, please let us know ASAP, if this would be your preferred option.  If you are a current client, we will go back the previous 6 months to estimate the time required vs payments made, to be sure that we are both treated fairly.  If you are a new client, we can start this method instantly.  Paying for your monthly service by the hour would require  you  to provide Scoopin’ Doody with a credit/debit card number to keep on file to be used for your monthly payment.