We scoop poop so you don't have to!


Scoopin’ Doody has been servicing Billings & Laurel since 2011.

Please note ALL PRICING is the minimum fee for within Billings and Laurel city limit boundaries & for an average sized yard.  Additional fee may be required for locations beyond the boundaries & for larger yards.  Expenses must be covered. For instance, we cannot afford to drive for 11 minutes, one way, and service a yard for 23 minutes (due to it’s large size) for a $12 weekly fee because the client has one dog.

1 Dog      Weekly Service Plan:  $52.00/Month

       2 Dogs    Weekly Service Plan:  $65.00/Month

  3 Dogs    Weekly Service Plan:  $78/Month

            4 Dogs    Weekly Service Plan:  $91.00/Month

5 Dogs    Call for pricing

EVERY OTHER WEEK SERVICE  available for 1-2 dogs only, unless the location to be serviced is outside of the city boundaries.  Call for pricing.

Discounts available for Seniors or Military personnel  with 1 -2 dogs (discount is limited to the location of service being with-in city boundaries)

ACCUMULATION CLEAN or ONE TIME ONLY CLEAN:  $60.00 /Hour     $30.00 Minimum fee

If you want to receive service on a regular basis,  your first time/accumulation fee may be based on your monthly rate if there is only a week or two of accumulation.

Someone at the Home Improvement Show asked me why it cost so much for 30 minutes of service ( & not the first inquiry).  This person was not thinking of the payroll & fuel expense NEEDED to GET there, supplies required, their % of required payroll & fuel expense needed for the trip to the landfill, landfill fee, the office expenses incurred to prepare an invoice & mail, (business expenses…licensing, insuranceS, taxes, tires, oil changes…etc…etc.) THAT is why the prices are what they are.  Prices were lowered once due to competition & the end result was that I was digging into my own pocket to cover expenses & in some cases, working for free!!  Suddenly, it was a like a hobby rather than a business.


We also service Commercial properties &  maintain pet waste stations!

SCOOPIN’ DOODY does not have a receptionist.  The owner is often out scoopin’ so EMAILS will be read & responded back to after the days’ scooping has been completed.    Same applies for Facebook inquiries due to having the DATA turned off while working.  For the fastest response time, please send a TEXT MESSAGE to 406-671-7123.  You should get a response back in no later than 2 hours.